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We know you have a million questions and we want to be a resource for you! We are a Tennessee Non-Profit and we are run 100% by volunteers. We are here to offer support,  but we are not professionals, only regular people who care about raising dyslexia awareness.

FACEBOOK CHAT GROUP: The very best way to get in touch with us is to join us at our Facebook Chat Group at to connect with hundreds of other parents just like you.  We have leaders and members ready to answer questions 24 hours a day.

PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE: Here we post articles, events and dyslexia in the news.  Please Like us on Facebook to stay in touch with things you need to know. You can always feel free to comment on articles there or ask questions – we respond quickly to commenters!

TWITTER: There is always a lot happening in the world of dyslexia. A great way to keep up with it all is to follow it on Twitter.  We are at @DDT13. You can also follow leaders Julya Johnson at @DeeLexiaMom and Anna Thorsen at @athorsen16 who frequently Tweet about dyslexia!

EMAIL: Just to be totally honest, since we are volunteer run – we aren’t always the best at responding to emails.  It is best to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. That said, if you do need to email, we who check, but please be patient with us.

You can also contact us on the following form:

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