Tennessee, this is unacceptable! Signed, Parents of Struggling Readers

This week, February 2021, we asked parents for districts where they had trouble getting help for their struggling readers AND for districts doing it right. Within 8 hours, we had over 65 accounts of schools, STATEWIDE, who were NOT helping. We had ONE positive school story. ONE. And our state lawmakers think 3rd-grade retention will fix this issue?

Here are some direct quotes from parents from counties ALL OVER our state (identifying content removed):

“I have been fighting with our district to have him tested. Last year my requests went ignored. This year I was finally able to get him tested but since we privately paid a tutor his scores weren’t “low enough” (16%) to qualify him for an IEP. I am awaiting calls from UT to have him tested. He is failing for the 2nd year. Benchmarks were completed and he now is scoring in the 3rd and 10th percentiles. I am furious!”

“I requested text to speech technology to be used for my daughter as well as possible use of a C pen if I purchased and was told that she would not be allowed to use it.”

“The school system told me my oldest just needs to learn to read to survive now. I am defeated.”

“Support has been nonexistent. I finally paid for a private diagnosis, am paying for private language therapy, and ultimately pulled her out this year to homeschool her.”

“They refused assistive technology and said dyslexia isn’t a qualifying diagnosis for IEP.”

“Going into an initial IEP meeting today–one that I requested last summer. The SPED teacher said they couldn’t assess for an IEP until our child had been in RTI and not made sufficient progress. When I pointed out that she has an IEE on file with a dyslexia diagnosis, the SPED teacher said TN does not recognize dyslexia.”

Tennessee, this is unacceptable!


Parents of Struggling Readers




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