Welcome LAT Conference Educators!

Hello educators who are finding our page after the LAT Conference today! Welcome! We would love for you to explore our website and get to know about us and how we support our dyslexia community. We are mainly parents, but also teachers, students, professionals and dyslexic adults who all make up a community trying to make the world better for Tennessee’s struggling readers.

We began this journey in 2013 after 5 of us connected online (one from Knoxville, four from Middle TN) and discovered all of our kids have the same struggles – they were not learning how to read despite the best efforts of our teachers and ourselves. We wanted our kids to read, just like I know you want your students to read. Who doesn’t? So, we did our research. And we found out, our kids can learn to read, but due to dyslexia (which is proven to exist by science), reading/spelling for our kids will always be more of a struggle than it is for their non-dyslexic peers.

We don’t let that get us down, however. In fact, we have found many gifts in this struggle. Our beautiful children can and do go to college (or have vocational careers), become successful, and find ways to flow around this rock!

And we walk through the fire together. We hope you will walk with us. Start by exploring our website and then head over to Facebook to like us and follow us on Twitter at @ddtn13. Thank you.

The parents, students, teachers and friends who make up Decoding Dyslexia TN.

#tnreads19 #DyslexicsReadToo #DysleixaIsReal

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