What Dyslexia Looks Like

You have read the Signs and Strengths of Dyslexia, but you still are not sure if your child has the characteristics.  Sometimes seeing real life examples of what reading and writing with dyslexia looks like can help.

Over the next several months we hope to add more examples for you right here. Check back with us soon…

What Reading Looks Like with Dyslexia

Example 1: This is a third grade girl reading Rosie Revere, Engineer who had, at the point of this reading, had about a full year of Wilson Reading intervention from her school. Notice the letter reversals, skipped words, pauses before even very basic sight words, and guessing at words. Most importantly, notice how she mistakes the word “flutter” for the word “failure” thereby mistaking the entire meaning of the story.

What Writing and Spelling Look like with Dyslexia

Spelling Lists: Notice guessing, letter reversals, frequent erasing, trouble with basic rules of spelling and phonetic guessing.


Worksheet Answers: Notice great ideas and mastery of content – but spelled very poorly.
“The ather made the mood of fear By the wourds ‘canon exposions shook the gound.’ Another exaple is the pictur of the Battle going on. anothe exaple is ‘his heart filled with fear.’”
Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.20.08 PM.png